What is Westerwood?

Westerwood is a 3rd person western action/adventure game for mobile. It's key features are breathtaking exploration in vast lands.

Learning github and github desktop

This being the first devlog a lot of what is going into this is just learning some basics for a speedier workflow in the future! I've learned that you can use Github issues as progress trackers with your team. They don't always have to be bugs, but can be really anything. You can tag your issues with assortment of tags from Features, Bug, Documentation, Help Wanted, and even create your own tags!

Useful keywords used to close issues Animate a POLYGON character from SyntyStudios with Mixamo Animal Controller from Malbers Animation's HAP assets Malbers other documentation


(Twitter Handle) KevKev twitter handle (makes some cool games using active ragdolls a lot)